How to improve the classification in warehouse

Date:Apr 17, 2020

There are many factories with sophisticated processing, product diversification, and a lot of chaos in the storage shelf system that has caused the operation of the factory to be blocked. The following is the OTS Racking to show you what causes these:

A.The current warehouse shelf classification

Warehouse shelf classification:

1. Raw material warehouse shelf

2. Finished product warehouse shelf

3. Industrial waste warehouse shelf

B. find the main existing problems in the warehouse

1. The functions and responsibilities of the warehouse department are unclear, the post functions and responsibilities of the department are unclear, the division of labor is unclear, and the responsibility cannot be implemented to people;

2. The layout plan of the warehouse is not reasonable, and the division of the area is not clear, resulting in difficulty and waste of space utilization;

3. The PDA barcode and Baan system are virtually useless, the system is not fully utilized, fails to perform its functions, cannot provide reliable data decision basis, material information cannot be shared, and inventory information is not circulated. 4. The materials are placed unreasonably, mixed, disordered, and mixed. The same kind of materials are placed in several places, and it is difficult to find the goods; there is no "first-in, first-out" management. Material code management does not exist, causing confusion in material identification.

5. Serious inventory backlog, improper handling of sluggish materials, increase warehouse management costs and inventory pressure;

6. Product information is missing (no BOM table, no complete product bill of materials), lack of important basis for production materials distribution, work blindness is serious, and operation efficiency is low;

7. The warehouse administrators failed to make actual records of the account card items, the details of the account entry and exit accounts were not sound, and the electronic accounts and material cards were recorded in a timely manner. The warehouse did not actually match the bills and materials.

8. First-in-first-out, three-account consistency, accuracy rate of receiving and sending materials, document standardization rate, and sluggish product management are not actually in operation. Defective products and waste products have not been established in fixed warehouses or areas for storage, nor have accounts been established.

C. Analysis of the main reasons for the lack

Based on the company's current material management status, after analysis, the root cause is:

1. The position of the warehouse department is not accurate, and the management does not pay enough attention.

2. Long-term disorder management. The warehouse is in an open management state.

3. There is no strict flow and work discipline control for materials entering and leaving the warehouse, and there is no specific operation process specified, which is impossible to follow in the operation, resulting in difficulties in implementation;

4. Warehouse management personnel have insufficient warehouse management knowledge and business capabilities;

5. The imperfect operating system of the company is seriously affected by the uncertain factors of the business, procurement, production, quality and other departments, especially the production plan and the purchase volume without actual standards and plans. Difficult and difficult to sort the accounts.

6. There is no capacity, responsibility, and personnel change rate is large, and the actual personnel management and supervision and audit are not enough.

D. Propose an improvement plan

Clarify the functions and responsibilities of the warehouse and the main duties and division of labor of the warehouse management personnel:

1. Warehouse function improvement:

(1) According to the procurement plan to receive materials, and check the quantity according to the standard of the warehouse management system.

(2) Store the quality-accepted materials at designated locations.

(3) The sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, and literacy of the storage place meet the requirements of 5S to prevent the material from mutating;

(4) Equip and issue materials based on the relevant documents for picking;

(5) Incoming and outgoing storage records and regular inventory; do a good job of sending and receiving, first-in first-out standard.

(6) Periodic declaration and disposal of bad materials and waste materials.

2. Improvement of work responsibilities of warehouse personnel:

(1) Responsible for establishing the ledger, electronic account, physical account (material record card) of all materials in the warehouse.

(2) Place them neatly and make signs according to the management requirements, so that the accounts, cards and things are consistent.

(3) Do a good job in warehouse inventory control, establish safety inventory according to inventory standards, and promptly remind relevant departments of the status of material inventory quantity to avoid material waiting and affect production progress.

(4) Responsible for the storage and protection of materials in the warehouse, and receiving and sending materials in and out of the warehouse according to the prescribed procedures.

(5) Coordinate with the production to handle the storage of finished products and semi-finished products, and complete the procedures for the outsourcing and storage of processed materials.

(6) Coordinate and cooperate with the business department, process the product outbound order in time and enter the computer in time, report to the finance and production department. And timely inventory feedback procurement and material control departments to achieve resource sharing.

(7) Make timely records of defective products and returned products and report to the superior supervisor in time so that they can be disposed of in time.

(8) Responsible for maintenance and update of warehouse management data.

(9) Inventory inventory at the end of the month, make daily reports and monthly reports; and circulate the inventory information to the finance for record. Do a good job in the on-site management of the warehouse. Prepare inventory reports in time every month, and cooperate with the cost calculation of warehouse materials in time according to financial requirements. Do a good job in the on-site management of the warehouse. Prepare inventory reports in time every month, and cooperate with the cost calculation of warehouse materials in time according to financial requirements.

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